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I am a copywriter with more than a decade of experience across any application of copy you can imagine. I’ve written romance novels, helped launch start ups (defining their brand tone of voice and personality from the ground up and then implementing it across media) and am responsible for the websites of two of South Africa’s largest high street jewellery sellers, including descriptions for every SKU on the site.

I’m comfortable working in the brand space, creating ad campaigns across any media, writing tone of voice and brand strategy documents, writing for web, apps and UX, defining social media strategy and copy or editing and rewriting longer work.

In short, if it has words in it, I’m excited about it and nothing makes me more excited than doing great work.

If you have a project that needs help with copywriting, tone of voice or brand strategy please do send me an email here.

Or, if you’d prefer to chat on the phone, you can call me on +4478 235 88920.

Web Content & UX Writing

American Swiss

American Swiss is a South African high street jewellery retailer.

Developed and wrote all copy on the website, including all descriptions for the products (over 2000) while remaining true to the brand tone. I also oversee the database and uploading of all new product to the site.

Website available here.

Adbot (B2B)

Adbot is a tech startup that uses AI to automate Google Ads spend for small and medium sized businesses.

I developed the brand tone and personality then applied it to Adbot’s website and UX copy.

This has expanded into blogs, emails, brochures and other content pieces for the brand as well.

Website available here.


1701 is a luxury nougat and confectionery producer in South Africa.

I developed the brand personality and tone for 1701 and applied it to their website, from product descriptions through to UX and brand copy. This was further worked upon with a full brand refresh and rebrand in late 2020 as the brand expanded from South Africa to the UAE.

This job has also extended into all their touchpoints including emailers, handwritten notes, packaging and social media.

Website available here.


Sterns is a South African high street jewellery retailer.

Wrote all the copy on the website, including all descriptions for the products (over 1000) while remaining true to the brand tone. I also oversee the database and uploading of all new product to the site.

Website available here.

Jin Gin

Jin Gin is a craft gin company in South Africa.

I developed the brand tone and personality for Jin Gin, then translated it into copy on the website as well as the packaging.

Website available here.

Deimos (B2B)

Deimos is a cloud computing provider that helps businesses make the shift to the cloud.

I created the copy for the website, helping the company to represent themselves publicly in a way their business customers can understand and believe in.

Website available here.

Best Jewellery

Best Jewellery is a direct to consumer startup that focuses on jewellery and apparel, with a strong lifestyle slant.

I developed the brand tone and personality and then translated it into the website and packaging for the brand. This has expanded into social media and other content as well.

Website available here.

Stellenbosch Academy

The Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography is a creative college in South Africa.

I wrote the entire website for the Academy, adapting their copy so it was more interesting and palatable for potential students (and their parents).

Website available here.

Brand Copywriting

Design Indaba

Design Indaba is South Africa’s premier design and creativity conference.

Working together with the designer on the campaign, we came up with an AI-driven concept. With pre-decided shapes and colours, a computer program randomly selected them and ‘dropped them’ into the design. The resulting outcome was the layout.

We took this one step further with the copy, where I wrote a manifesto that used all the words needed for the campaign and this was used in the same way to ‘sample’ words. These were then used for billboards, banner ads and other copy throughout the event.

Designer: Daniel Ting Chong.

Full project available here.

Ad Dynamo (B2B)

Ad Dynamo is an online advertising service.

Working together with an illustrator, we designed and developed a full-length comic book for Ad Dynamo. This served as a leave behind for all their customers and explained their offering in a fun, engaging way.

Illustrator: Studio Kronk.

Full project available here.


I developed copy and tone for a Nike campaign for the African Cup of Nations football tournament (AFCON) in 2013.

Art Director: Daniel Ting Chong.

Full project available here.

Editing and Rewriting

Naqiyah – The Beginning

I edited and re-wrote (where needed) the cookbook, Naqiyah: The Beginning, published by That Food Guy Publishing (2020).

More details available here.

Goodvertising: Creative Advertising that Cares

I was the principle researcher and writer for Goodvertising: Creative Advertising that Cares, published by Thames and Hudson in 2012. This covered over 100 different case studies of creative advertising, written by me as well as editing work by the author.

More details available here.

Mangosuthu University of Technology

I re-wrote and edited the entire website for this South African educational institution, encompassing hundreds of pages.

Website available here.

Script Development for Film


PEP is a low cost clothing and homeware retailer in South Africa.

I developed the concept and campaign for PEP’s Back to School campaign in 2019, which saw me develop a set of questions and interview children across South Africa for the campaign.

The campaign went on to have over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Social Media


MK was a South African music channel that focused on playing local music videos.

Mkis was a brand campaign for South African music channel, MK, that encompassed a number of different media touchpoints, explained in full in the case video above.

My role: I tweeted, facebooked and created content throughout the campaign, interacting with people in real time, as the characters from the films.

International Awards:

  • 2 x D&AD yellow pencils
  • 2 x bronze One Show pencils

South African Awards:

  • 4 x Pendoring golds
  • 1 x Pendoring silver
  • 1 x Pendoring grand prix
  • 1 x Pendoring trip to NYC
  • 1 x bronze Loeries
  • 2 x silver Loeries
  • 1 x gold Loerie


Rhino Raid

A mobile game to stop rhino poaching.

Rhino Raid is a mobile game created for the WWF in South Africa, which aims to educate people about the importance of rhino conservation using gaming as the medium.

I developed all the messaging and written content for the game (including UX) and its associated marketing.

Long Form Writing


I had a monthly humour column in GQ South Africa, which (hopefully) got a few laughs.

Romance novels

I wrote two romance novels and adapted a third for PersonalisedNovels.com, a startup that produces one-off novels for couples, customised with all of their personal details, so they ‘live’ the adventure therein.

Website available here.

Marketing Thinkpieces

I researched, developed and wrote marketing and market research related articles for my previous company, Instant Grass International, on Bizcommunity, South Africa’s marketing and media news website.

Website available here.

Pieces available on request.

I still work with Thomas Kolster (the author of Goodvertising: Creative Advertising that Cares) and help him to edit and sense check all of his articles he submits to publications. These include pieces in AdAge, The Drum and Sustainable Brands.


I have maintained a blog for the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography for the past six and a half years.

Blog available here.